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Destination means the purpose for which something or someone is destined to go to.  A geographical place to which one is traveling and has reached location of destination. Dick and Jane travel of to an unforgettable destination that leads to adventure.


Adventure means to do hazardous activities or to part take in exciting activities that will almost get you killed but live thru it, especially the exploring unknown territories that your not prepared to handle or prepared to venture off to. Dick and Jane says #Yolo. Let’s travel to a destination and have an adventure of a lifetime. Later on Jane gets addicted to traveling and brings Dick along with her off the beaten path.


Yolo means “You only live once” Destination Addicts advice for you is to live a life of adventure and to travel in all pockets of the world. After all it is better than living a life full of regret.

Addicted to Travel

Addicted means someone who chooses to compulsively engage in things that are rewarding. Such as an external stimuli. For example: Jane is addicted to traveling.  See Jane bring Dick down into the rabbit hole traveling to a Destination in Cuba full of external stimuli. Whether the consequences are full of adventure Dick and Jane still chooses to go thru with. Wanting more and more. 
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Destinations that will get you addicted

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Destination Addicts Cuba
Destination Addicts Cuba

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