Flying to Cuba [Instructions]

If your reading this. Your probably sitting in your cubical at work or was able to getaway to take a peak at this read.It’s time you do something different. After all a new place to soak up and experience is all we are after. Let’s get to it shall we. We have created this new guide you can follow. Step by step on what you need before flying to Cuba.

You’ll need a Cuban tourist card or a Cuba visa.

Well which one do you need?

Cuban Tourist Card and the Cuban Visa are actually two totally different documents. Travelers from most countries will only need a Cuban Tourist Card. However, citizens of certain countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia will need a Cuban Visa. To top things off, there are a few countries that don’t require a Tourist Card or Visa to enter Cuba.

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Since the Cuban Tourist Card is the more common of the two, let’s break it down so you understand what you need. The Cuban Tourist Card (Tarjeta del Turista) gives you permission to visit Cuba on a temporary basis. A standard Cuban Tourist Card grants you a maximum stay of 30 days in Cuba unless you’re peace keeping Canadian – then you get 90 days!

Who needs a Cuban Tourist Card to visit Cuba?

Everyone traveling to Cuba, regardless of country of origin, needs a Cuban Tourist Card. The only countries exempt from the Cuban Tourist Card or Cuban Visa are Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belarus, Benin, Bosnia, China, Dominica, Grenada, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, Mongolia, Namibia, Saint Kitts, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, Serbia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

What country needs a Cuban Visa to visit Cuba?

The Cuban Visa is required if you’re traveling from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka.

Pink or Green?

Cuban Cards come in two colors: pink and green. The color depends on the country of origin you’re traveling from. If you travel directly from the U.S. to Cuba, you’ll need a pink Cuban Tourist Card. The Green Cuban Tourist Cards are used for travelers who make a pit stop in a non-U.S. country before arriving in Cuba.

Knowing the distinction between the two colors is easy, but knowing which one to buy can be a little trickier, especially if you’re taking a multi-leg flight. Before you buy your card online, take a look at your itinerary and check the last airport you depart from: this is the airport that determines which color card you need.

The Pink cards are pricier than green cards because of the rocky relationship between the U.S. and Cuba.

Do Americans Need a Special Visa to Cuba from USA?

Americans get the same Cuban Tourist Card as travelers from Canada or Europe.

If you fly to Cuba from the U.S., you’ll need a pink version of the Cuban Tourist Card. If you fly from a different country, you’ll need the green Tourist Card, even if you’re an American citizen.

What you need to get your Cuban Tourist Card?

1.)Valid passport

2.)Application form

3.)Travel itinerary

4.)Travel insurance

If you only have the first two, you can still get started with your application. You’ll only need your itinerary and travel insurance in hand when you arrive at the airport in Cuba.

What Does the Cuban Tourist Card Cost me?

You can expect the Cuban Tourist Card to cost anywhere between $25 and $85, depending on how you apply for it. We think it might be cheaper if you order the visa online.

Take a look at the section below to see a more detailed price breakdown for each option.

Ways to get a Cuban Tourist Card?

There are a few ways you can go about doing this.

You can get the Cuban Tourist Card online. have it mailed to your address, so you don’t need to stress about picking it up at the last minute. You’ll also be able to skip the lengthy Tourist Card line at the airport.

If your not computer savvy that’s alright. You can get The Cuban Tourist Card from your airline. They will have you pick up your tourist card at the gate before boarding your flight, while others hand out the card mid-flight. If you need to pick up your card in-person, be sure to allow in some extra time in case there’s the dreaded line.

The cost of the Cuban Tourist Card is usually bundled in with your flight, but the price itself varies from airline to airline.

Travel agency or tour company can be extremely helpful since they’ll take care of most of the details for you – as long as they’re reputable. Most travel agencies will bundle the Cuban Tourist Card into their existing Cuba travel packages.

If your still having a hard time then the Cuban embassy in your country is another way. You just have to get your paperwork filled out which might cost you between $20 to $80

If all else fails and you are the kind or traveler that does everything last minute then you can get The Cuban Tourist Card at the Havana Airport. In most cases, you can’t even board your flight if you don’t have a Cuban Tourist Card.

If you do get to Cuba without a card, You have to go thru hell which you will experience long lines, empty booths, and slow service. “Island time” . Everything that happens in a New York minute will be hours at least since you won’t be able to leave the airport until your Tourist Card is in hand.

The next thing you need is money.

Before leaving the United States or Canada, make sure to get cash from the bank. You can then take that cash and exchange it for CUCs (Cuban Convertible Pesos) once you reach Cuba. You will not be allowed to bring it out of the country. No exports allowed or else it will be confiscated.

You can use US dollars, Canadian dollars, and Euros ONLY at airports in Cuba. Actually, shops and restaurants at Cuban airports only accept foreign currencies.

Once you go else where it will be useless.

The CUP (also locally known as “moneda nacional“) is primarily used by residents of Cuba. You probably won’t use this one very often, but it may benefit you to carry a small amount of CUP for small expenses like street food, bus fare or other small vendors on the street.

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